Our Approach

Strategic Planning

Because great design starts by understanding the issues, we begin by asking questions. We work to understand the vision, goals, audience, project parameters and desired outcomes. We research the intended audiences and study what others have done. We define the design problems and discover strategies for solving those problems effectively and memorably.

We will establish a carefully-considered project direction before production begins, which will include:
A clear and understandable style guide
A schedule with feedback loops and deadlines clearly defined and agreed upon by the stakeholders, assuring that no deadlines are missed or miscommunicated as we move through the process.


We research the intended audiences and study solutions in other markets.
We will establish a carefully-considered project direction before production begins, which will include meetings with key stakeholders.

Design Development

In Phase 3, we introduce creative thinking exercises and collaborative conversations to develop all the ideas generated during Phase 2. The details are carefully and closely managed, ensuring that every element works to further the goals of the project. The best ideas and lay outs are chosen for development into concepts and are further refined.

Production Management

Deliverables will be defined. Once the final designs are ready to produce, we refine and proof them, checking and double checking for accuracy and typos (!), and ensuring approval by all.
Consistent communication is key to ensuring expectations are being met and no surprises arise. All feedback will be timely and considered within the framework of the project.

Project Approval

This is the phase of the project where all of the hard decisions have been made and a finished product emerges!

Project Training

During this phase we teach everyone who will be utilizing brand resources how to use what we’ve just created.

Product Goes Live!

This is the unveiling! Now we have a new face, and we can introduce it to the world!

We are a team of creative problem solvers

The Color Mill is a small, full service studio that specializes in graphic design and website design. We help small businesses invent or reinvent themselves through brand identity and design strategy and infuse creativity and style into their everyday tasks. Who says business can’t have style?


We offer solutions in:

Brand Identity          Brand Strategy            Logo Design
Packaging Design          Identity Collateral          Website Design
Website Development          Website Maintenance

Jeremy Logan

Jeremy Logan

Co-Owner, Creative Director

Jeremy is a designer, painter and animator. His previous career was in animation for AAA video games. Give Jeremy a broken piece of machinery and he can fix it; an idea and he’ll make a logo out of it. He’s also very passionate about elevating the world through exceptional design: Jeremy believes everyone deserves to have a brand that reflects their purpose and shows the world what they can do in a beautiful way.

Aspen Logan

Aspen Logan

Co-Owner, Project Manager

Aspen is a project manager and a runner. Her career path lead her to video games as an artist and producer for companies like Disney and LeapFrog before taking a turn to printing and design. While she’s not managing everything to its utmost efficiency, she’s out running long distances in the woods. In her spare time, Aspen reads books on project management and ways to build better business through doing good.

Morning Hullinger

Morning Hullinger

Senior Designer, Web Developer

Morning has been a graphic designer for over 30 years. Most of those years were spent at Black Bear Press becoming an expert in both print and web design. Always learning, Morning is avid murder mystery follower and loves to watch old B movies. She makes a mean martini and can design anyone under the table. Having a deep love of design, Morning is our resident go-to when we need to find that perfect typeface.

Laura Fox

Laura Fox

Office Manager

Laura is the personality, the life blood and the grease that keeps the wheels turning at the Color Mill. She has a passion for exceptional customer service, for fostering an efficient and effective workplace and has a deep caring for everyone around her. When she's not cheerleading around the office, she can be found at her crafting table, creating clever and hilarious handmade goods.

The Color Mill is based in Mendocino County, California.

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