Noyo Harbor Inn

A luxury hotel providing seclusion, comfort and gorgeous surroundings.

As a newly restored Inn on the majestic Pacific Ocean, Noyo Harbor Inn wanted a brand that would compliment the Craftsman style of its hundred year old buildings. We responded by taking inspiration from the floral patterns of the period's wallpaper and created a warm, inviting color palette.


Brand Strategy, Web Development, Logo Design, Collateral Design


Setting themselves apart from the rest

Noyo Harbor Inn Collateral Design

By creating high-quality collateral, Noyo Harbor Inn was able to differentiate itself from its competitors and establish a strong brand identity. From stunning postcards and business cards to captivating menus and themed drink coasters, their collateral conveyed a consistent and polished message to guests. By providing a memorable and visually appealing experience, Noyo Harbor Inn was able to increase customer loyalty and stand out in a crowded market.

Noyo Harbor Inn Brochures


Increased engagement

Noyo Harbor Inn Website

When we started designing the website for the Noyo Harbor Inn, we wanted to make sure to focus on the features that made the luxury hotel extremely unique. Highlighting the gorgeous views, the gourmet restaurant and the amazing guest rooms while maintaining brand consistency was an important part of our process. What we produced was a visually appealing and user friendly website that showcased the hotel’s extraordinary features, attracting guests and boosting stays.


An elegant dining experience

An elegant dining experience

The menus for their gourmet restaurant feature the elegant floral patterns and Craftsman fonts, adding a sophisticated touch to every dining experience. The color palette distinguishes the menu’s focus, all the while, keeping consistent with the Inn’s overall brand.


Reaching a broader audience

Noto Harbor Inn Advertising

Advertising in various tourist-focused publications helped Noyo Harbor Inn increase its visibility and reach. We were tasked with designing eye catching ads that would give the reader pause and command their extra attention. Ultimately, these ads increased the Inn’s visibility, positioning them as a top luxury hotel destination.

Color Mill Design

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