Mendo Parks

Preservation Through Education

MendoParks is the leading nonprofit dedicated to supporting California State Parks in Mendocino County. MendoParks was Mendocino County’s best kept secret- and they didn’t want to stay that way! We were tasked with increasing the organization’s visibility by providing branding and marketing that would truly embody their mission of keeping parks open, accessible and thriving for everyone.


Brand Strategy, Logo Design, Collateral Design

Brand Strategy

Increasing visibility

Mendo Parks Brand Strategy
Mendo Parks Brand Strategy

We wanted their brand to evoke feelings of calm reflection; a reminder of what can be discovered in the outdoors. We created a color palette inspired by the forest and the ocean and paired it with creative animal line drawings of local fauna. The font is flowy and glides around the brand like water or wind, all bringing you back to the parks.

Logo Design

Iconic Symbolism

A New Logo for the Mendo Parks

As MendoParks is all about the ocean and the forest, we thought their logo should be too. Using the iconic symbols of waves and rolling hills, the mark says exactly what they do at first glance and it retains its recognisable qualities no matter what size it is presented at.

Collateral Design

Keeping top of mind

Mendo parks Collateral Design

Collateral materials serve as a tangible reminder to supporters, donors and volunteers of MendoParks’ mission, projects and educational programs as well as their many preservation efforts. The naturally inspired color palette and striking design make their brochures, business cards and stickers memorable and encourage people to keep them. These materials keep MendoParks and their mission top of mind throughout the year.

Mendo parks Collateral Design

Appeal Mailers

Distinct and eye-catching

Mendo parks Appeal Design

Many non-profits vie for attention in donors' mailboxes. To set MendoParks apart from the rest, we employed out-of-the-box strategies to increase the likelihood that our appeal would be opened and read. Rather than blending in with the expected form letter, we created bright distinctive envelopes and unique greeting card style appeals. We sent mailers consistently 2-3x annually to keep in people’s minds, which ultimately lead to higher donation and member retention rates.

Mendo parks Appeal Design


Mendo Parks Infographic

Infographics were a game-changer for MendoParks. They made conveying important information easy for donors to understand and therefore easy for them to engage with the work MendoParks does. Utilizing this approach to make complex information accessible has increased the community’s understanding of and appreciation for MendoParks’ mission and all they accomplish.

Color Mill Design

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