Ukiah Main Street Program

After many years with an inconsistent brand, the Ukiah Main Street Program decided it was time for an update on their overall branding suite. This included a brand new logo, tag line, website, rack card and banners.
The logo aimed to make Ukiah’s Main Street appear inviting and playful while giving a nod to its eclectic background and current resident roster. The colors were drawn from elements of the architecture and general environment in the downtown core. The tag line tells people what is in store for them when they venture downtown!
The rack card design compliments the playful elements of the logo while giving people a glimpse of what they can find downtown.

Along with their overall branding, UMSP was in need of a new website. The current site not only had the old logo and color scheme (!) but it had a navigational system that was outdated at best and at worst extremely confusing! There were many pages that went deep into a tangled web of clicks not always easy to get out of. It was time for an update.
The updated design was developed to drastically reduce the number of pages (IE the number of clicks) it takes to find the pertinent information. Along with the UMSP committee, we combed their existing website and identified the information that was important to keep, what needed to be removed and what needed to be added.
The website is 5-6 pages and highlights all that Ukiah’s downtown has to offer through events pages, blogs, lots of photos and information.The website is easily updated by committee members and is on a regular maintenance schedule. We continue to service the site as needed for security updates.