Moonflower Tea Co.

Package Design

Pu’erh tea has an ancient history of more than 2,000 years, originating in Yunnan Province of southwestern China. One of the first teas to travel beyond its growing region from Yunnan to Tibet and Mongolia, Pu’erh teas were typically compressed for ease of trade in exchange for horses and salt in ancient times. Pu’erh tea, with its unique bold and earthy character, is becoming very popular all over the world as a health and wellness tea.

Drawing on Moonflower Tea Co.’s mission to sell exclusively Pu’erh tea, the brand was developed to show off and support the unique tea within the tin. The tin had to be extremely rich and inviting, showing off its Chinese roots while still feeling modern. Using bright colors of red, blue and purple, the traditional and the modern meet– in compliment to each other and to stand off the shelf. The tea accessories round off the tea family and show off the versatility and richness of the brand.

Moonflower Tea Packaging