Mendocino High School

Located in a small town of great natural beauty and cultural awareness, the Mendocino High Schools are based on a foundation of strong personal relationships and a regard for the wholeness of each student. Through meaningful and engaging learning experiences, students are challenged to be critical and creative thinkers. The Mendocino High Schools foster a personal approach that inspires students to find their passions and develop strengths that will prepare them for opportunities in the 21st Century.
The visual style for the Mendocino High School brand is a blend of traditional and modern. It carries the sense of the school’s historical foundation while also looking forward to a bright and flourishing future. Since there have been many iterations of the cardinal as well as many different cardinals being used all at the same time, the High School was looking for one consistent cardinal they could use everywhere. They were also looking for a consistent color to base all of their clothing choices on– one cardinal red. 
The logo mixes the strong traditional block M, signifying a grounding in the past, with the cardinal who, looking forward, is determined to embrace the future. Clean modern fonts firmly ground the image without weighing the logo down. In rare cases the M can be used without the cardinal– for example in some clothing applications– but most often, the M and Cardinal will live together far into Mendocino High School’s future.
Mendocino High School Collateral
Mendocino High School Logo
Mendocino High School Clothing
Mendocino High School Clothing