Cowlick’s Ice Cream

Design Refresh
Cowlick’s Ice Cream is a recognizable and established brand that has been a part of Fort Bragg culture for many years. Not wanting to lose that brand recognition, but needing something more versatile and polished, the owners came to us looking for a refresh and a face lift for their logo.

Packaging Design
Cowlick’s Ice Cream was quickly expanding beyond their Fort Bragg store and being sold in many grocery stores around the area. Their quarts were nestled against big name brands with brightly colored cartons and their plain white ones were being continually overlooked. We identified 6 flavors of ice cream that they were going to sell in the stores and designed a suite of labels: each with their own flavor-appropriate, candy-colored, mouth-watering color. The labels all display the refreshed logo and a consistent look and feel that is unmistakably Cowlick’s. Once the quarts with these labels were put on the shelf, sales increased immediately and demand for Cowlick’s Ice Cream spread across the County.