Carol Hall's Kitchen

Design Refresh
Carol Hall’s Red Pepper Jelly Co has been making handmade, small batch jams, jellies, sauces and spreads for over 30 years. Carol’s brand is bold and colorful with a rainbow of flavors and nothing but high quality ingredients. 
Carol came to us needing some vibrancy and life added to her existing brand as she expanded the reach of her product to the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. She needed a refresh that would make the labels and promotional materials as vibrant and mouth-watering as the product and compete with the multitude of other jars on the market.
After much product sampling and lots of time spent staring at jam as the sun shines through the jar, determining what color of the rainbow we hadn’t quite used yet, we created a cohesive, vibrant, colorful and mouth watering suite of labels to adorn the jars of jam. Each label complimented the sweet contents inside and properly reflected the great quality of the jam inside and out. 
The products made their debut in grocery stores across the Bay Area–  displayed side by side and arranged as a rainbow the jams and jellies flew off the shelves.
Carol Hall's
Carol Hall's